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Health Care Services

Admin Office/Clinic Info 850-452-8970 ext. 102
Navy Aviation Medicine 850-452-8970 ext. 107
Air Force Flight Medicine 850-452-8970 ext. 172
Chiropractor/Sports Medicine 850-452-8970 ext. 135
Customer Relations 850-452-8970 ext. 102
Laboratory 850-452-8970 ext. 145
Medical Records 850-452-8970 ext. 112
Nurse Advice Line 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273), option 1
Pharmacy 850-452-8970 ext. 148
Physical Therapy 850-452-8970 ext. 130
Radiology (X-Ray)/Immunizations 850-452-8970 ext. 140
Readiness Center (PHAs) 850-452-8970 ext. 105
TRICARE 1-800-444-5445

Medical Home Port

Welcome to your Medical Home Port Team. We are here to provide you with the best possible care and that happens when the patient, providers, and support staff all work together. To make the most of our partnership, we promise to be respectful, collaborative, and accessible. In turn, we ask that you engage in ongoing communication with us and that you take charge of your health.
Your Medical Home Port Team is made up of doctors, providers, nurses, corpsmen, and support staff dedicated to providing all aspects of your healthcare in a personalized, patient centered way. Your Medical Home Port Team's goal is to provide the high-quality healthcare you deserve! We strive to ensure same day access to care when desired. Our goal is for you to also see your assigned provider or another member of your team if your provider is not available.
We know you best and are committed to providing personalized care. We have expanded our ability to meet your needs with avenues to provide aspects of care that do not always require a face-to-face visit. MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is a secure messaging service that provides convenient access to your healthcare team. If you want to request a prescription refill or send your provider a question at midnight, you have access! Please take the time to sign up for this valuable communication tool. We want to ensure that your needs are delivered in your assigned team, thus alleviating potential long waits in an Urgent Care Center or Emergency Room for routine care. The success of a Medical Home Port Team requires a partnership between us and our patients as we navigate and optimize your health together. When you have a need for healthcare, please contact us. We are committed to caring for you at a time that is convenient to you!
Hours:  Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Closed on Weekends and Federal Holidays
Phone Number: (850) 452-8970 ext. 123 or 124
Appointments:  850-505-7171


Medications available at NBHC NATTC may be viewed on the TRICARE Formulary website.
Pharmacy Hours: Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Closed on Weekends and Federal Holidays

Phone:  (850) 452-8970 EXT. 148

For refills, call toll free 1-888-513-4164, you will need the number from the label of your medication
All refills arrive at the NBHC NATTC Pharmacy from the Naval Hospital Pensacola. Save a trip to the clinic by using the Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy.       

Aviation Medicine

Services provided:

Aviation Flight Physicals
Selected Passenger Flight physicals
Vision Screenings for Flight Physicals
EKGs for Flight Physicals
Sick Call for NASC (NIFE, RSS, NACCS)
Sick Call for TW-6 (VT-4, VT-86, and VT-10)
*Sick call is on a walk-in basis for illness or injury less than two weeks. Any illness or injury for over two weeks will require and appointment to be scheduled at the Aviation Med front desk.
Front desk: Monday – Friday 0700 – 1530
Vision/EKG screenings: Mon-Tues 1300-1500 and Thurs-FRI 1300-1500
NASC Sick Call: 0700-0850
TW-6 Sick Call 0700-0800
Navy Aviation Medicine (850) 452-8970 ext. 107
Air Force Flight Medicine (850) 452-8970 ext. 172

NMRTC Readiness Center

Services provided

Overseas/Sea Duty/Remote Duty Suitability Screening*
Pre-and-Post Deployment Health Assessments
Preventive Health Assessment (PHA)**
Separation and Retirement Physicals (SHPE)
Officer Program Physicals
Special Duty Physicals
  • Special Operations (SEAL, RECON, EOD)
  • Submarine Duty
  • Navy Diver
Marine DI/Recruiter/MSG Screens

All services are provided by appointment only. Walk-ins are not available.

*Start the Suitability Screening process immediately upon receipt of orders or letter of Intent by contacting the Readiness Center at (850) 452-8970 ext. 105. Service members are required to complete Suitability Screening within 30 days of receipt of orders. Failure to complete screening in a timely manner may result in delayed reporting to the new command because of incomplete medical screening requirements.

**Personnel requiring a PHA should complete the online self-assessment at
before calling for an appointment.
Monday – Friday 0700 – 1530
Appointments: (850) 452-8970 EXT. 105
Suitability Screening Coordinator: (850) 452-8970 ext. 104

Ancillary Services

Services Provided



  • Hours: 0700-1530
  • Immunization Administration times: 0800-1130 and 1200-1430
  • Walk in Only – seen on a first come first serve basis
  • Closed on Weekends and Federal Holidays


  • Hours:  Monday - Friday from 0700-1130 and 1230-1530
  • Last Patient of the Day: 1500
  • Walk in Only – seen on a first come first serve basis
  • Closed on Weekends and Federal Holidays


  • Hours Monday - Friday from 0700-1530
  • Last Patient of the Day: 1445
  • Walk in Only – seen on a first come first serve basis
  • Closed on Weekends and Federal Holidays

Contact Us


760 East Ave
Building 3911
Pensacola, FL


Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Closed on Weekends and Federal Holidays


Main Clinic Phone: (850) 452-8970 ext. 123 or 124
Safeline: 1-866-678-4881
Sponsor Coordinator: (850) 452-8970 ext. 123 or 124
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